Bull market: the expert reveals the possible date of the return of the rise

Is the bull market coming back sooner than expected?

The next few days seem to be negative for the crypto market, with the possible exception of meme coins. As for May, it could be just as dark under certain conditions. However, experts are far from worried, as the bull market could return very quickly.

At least that’s what crypto investor Raoul Pal notes. He compared the previous cycles and, despite the prevailing panic, points out that large sudden liquidations always take place after Bitcoin is halved. However, it is after them that the bull market returns with great fanfare!

Source: Raoul Pal’s X account

A similar drop was seen in July 2016 and May 2020, just days after the halving. Previous liquidations took 4 to 7 days on average and then it took a month for the price to continuously explode towards new ATHs.

Source: 2016 halving liquidation according to CoinGecko

If such a phenomenon were to repeat itself, it would mean that the decline should last until next week. We would then have to wait until mid-June for the growth of the BTC price until 2025. Of course, nothing is absolutely guaranteed.

bull market

In the meantime, we’re in for some twists and turns

According to Raoul Pal, the bull market is on pause, but it is during it that the biggest surprises come for investors. Altcoin season is one of many examples, especially as the first signs of its arrival multiply.

Source: Raoul Pal’s X account

So while Bitcoin’s fall casts doubt on the latest altcoin experts’ predictions, it may not be necessary to wait for the return of good weather to make some gains.

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But beware if previous cycles repeat themselves, we will see two or three more big liquidations during this bull market. It is therefore important not to panic.

Moral of the story: we patiently beat the market’s suggestions.


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