Bitcoin: A new record, the blockchain exceeded a billion transactions

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Bitcoin seems to be regaining its momentum after a temporary dip in cryptocurrencies and reaching a new milestone. The world’s largest blockchain has just surpassed 1 billion transactions since its inception in 2009. A new milestone in cryptocurrency history!

Bitcoin has reached the milestone of 1 billion transactions

As Bitcoin continues its race to new highs, why not cross the $73,000 mark again, its blockchain is also recording significant progress. While improvements are underway, this achievement marks a new step in the development of this revolutionary technology.

Bitcoin has officially processed over a billion transactions. »

Eight hundred weeks and one day after its launch On January 3, 2009, Bitcoin, the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, crossed the thresholdbillion transactions processed, reports Cointelegraph. This significant milestone comes at a time when the cryptosphere is going through a particularly exciting time.

They saw the daily transactions on bitcoins peak around the fourth half network on April 20 with an impressive record 926,000 transactions processed on April 23. Much of this demand is attributed to the launch of the Runes protocol, the new Bitcoin token standard, at block 840,000.

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Despite this increase, however, the daily number of bitcoin transactions fell back to 660,260 on May 4. Still, the move marks a new era for the crypto star, which has experienced constant increase in activity for the last year.

Commencement new protocols such as bitcoin shows and runes as well asIntroducing the Bitcoin ETFsupported this surge in activity and reinforced bullish sentiment towards the world’s oldest and most valuable cryptocurrency.

Ethereum remains in the lead

Yes, Bitcoin has crossed the billion transaction mark, which is an important milestone in the history of cryptocurrency, apart from that its rival Ethereum still holds the record. Ethereum almost processed 2.4 billion transactions since its launch in July 2015.

The Bitcoin network scored on average six transactions per second in the last 30 days, according to data from Clark Moody’s Bitcoin Dashboard. However, it should be noted that these numbers do not include transactions made on the Lightning Network, which is primarily dedicated to micropayments. According to data from Bitcoin exchange River, The Lightning Network processed a lower estimate of 6.6 million transactions in August 2023, indicating that hundreds of millions of transactions have been made on this network since its launch in January 2018.

Although the price of Bitcoin rose to $63,750, it is still down 13.6% from its all-time high of $73,740 reached on March 13.

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