Nvidia in the spotlight! AI cryptocurrencies are raising the bar in the market

Tue 7 May 2024 ▪
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Micaiah A.

Bitcoin’s recent recovery bodes well for the entire cryptocurrency market, and altcoins are no exception. Artificial intelligence (AI) cryptocurrencies are also showing impressive performance. FET, RNDR and AGIX stand out and return to highs that will please traders and crypto enthusiasts.

AI cryptocurrencies are taking over the market!

We are currently in a super cycle of artificial intelligence », The cryptanalyst gets excited. This claim is supported by recent statistics that show the rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. So why complain? Bitcoin, which posted a modest $56,500 last week, is currently adding more than $7,000 to its value.

It’s a Digital Gold Rush for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cryptocurrencies! PUSH the recovery of the cryptocurrency market is led by these digital currencies, native Blockchain projects driven by artificial intelligencereports CoinDesk.

Recently, shares of chip giant Nvidia (NVDA) also regained strength. This company is considered the gold standard in AI, and when its stock rises, the AI ​​market is often in turmoil.

THE RNDR tokenused for decentralized GPU-based rendering solutions by The Render Network, has skyrocketed, up nearly 40% in seven days to reach $10,432.

RNDR, an AI-related token, is up 40% in seven days. Source: CoinDesk

Other cryptocurrencies driven by artificial intelligence, e.g AGIX by SingularityNET, TAO by Bittensor and FET by Fetch.ai, it also posted spectacular gains, significantly outperforming the broader market. Meanwhile, Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, rose 1.7%, while the CoinDesk 20 Index gained 0.6%.

Nvidia’s helping hand

According to DYOR, a cryptocurrency analysis platform, decentralized AI coins and DePIN tokens work best weekly.

Hitesh Malviya, founder of DYOR explains, “ There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Nvidia’s upcoming earnings. AI coins will continue to ride (higher) cycles because they are directly correlated with all the AI ​​developments around us. »

Chipmakers are expected to announce theirs first quarter results on May 22. Zacks Investment Research forecasts earnings per share of $5.49, up 403% from the prior year.

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Shares of NVDA, which caused havoc last February, hit $922 on Monday, the highest level since April 1, and have recovered more than 20% since April 19. NVDA and the cryptocurrency market recently bounced back from a downtrend, marking the beginning of a new bull cycle.

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