Crypto: Is It Finally Time to Buy Altcoins?

Amazingly bullish altcoin analyst

There have been few optimistic predictions in recent days. However, they have not completely disappeared from circulation and can sometimes come from the most surprising analysts. Indeed, because if the market was bullish for months, for very long months, the famous Capo of Crypto remained decidedly bearish.

Now, he seems to have changed his mind for good, even announcing that he is in the process of recharging certain altcoins.

source: X (Twitter).

There would be a very good opportunity for the Capo of Crypto as the total market cap of all altcoins would form a double bottom after returning to testing support. Even better, the analyst believes that these cryptocurrencies could do very well from current levels. As for his preferred options, Capo of Crypto did not specify them, but he assures that he ventures into low-cap altcoins.

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A cold shower for a few tokens

As a result of the complete collapse of Bitcoin (-5.78%), the crypto market and major altcoins received a new slap. Indeed, as the total market capitalization has fallen by 4.49% in the last 24 hours.

If we focus on a larger time scale, we notice that the market capitalization even fell sharply during the annual high of around $2.77 trillion compared to the current $2.15 trillion.

As a result, some cryptocurrencies such as Solana, SEI, DOGE or PENDLE suffered further losses. However, note that the performance of BTC is more disastrous than that of a large number of altcoins.

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Moral of the story: times are a-changing and we’re already happy about it!


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