Year-End Deal: MicroStrategy Gets 14,620 Bitcoin Ahead of Possible ETF Approval

MicroStrategy maintain your pro-crypto tendencies and summarize new tendencies Bitcoin has its caveatsconsidering the growing potential of the division and principios del año próximo.

As is custome, business software is managed by the company Michael Saylor volvoí adder bitcoins a su reservation, en la antesala de una potential approval of various Bitcoin ETFs already in the United States within the year.

Esta vez, the company included a total 14,620 units of BTC equivalent at $615.7 millionexposed its co-founder and president in a social rights publication.

MicroStrategy Will Sell More Bitcoins Ahead of ETF Approval

Según informed MicroStrategy in a presentation before the Comisión de Bolsa y Valores de EE.UU. (SEC), the amount was obtained between November 30 and December 26, has a average price $42,110 per unit.

The company therefore also sold a total 1 million shares that permitieron obtains 610 million dollarsbefore recaudar otros 750 million dollars.

With its latest acquisition, Bitcoin prices MicroStrategy trepan hasta los 189,150 BTCwith a value that rounds them off 8,100 million at $ the total is the selling price $31,168 for each BTC, mention Saylor in his report in X.

MicroStrategy acquired another 14

MicroStrategy received over 14,620 units of Bitcoin with reservations

Which businesses have more than Bitcoin with other reservations

From this perspective, the multinational keeps itself second only to the institutions and funds that have the highest levels of bitcoin ownership.

MicroStrategy se ubica solo por detrás del Bitcoin Trust in Grayscale, which accumulated a total of 624,947 BTC, according to data on Bitcoin Treasuries. From there you can complete your cryptocurrency mining Marathon Digital Holdings idiot 13,396 BTC.

Other important businesses reserves in bitcoins her:

  • Are you here
  • Coinbase
  • Block
  • Riot Blockchain

MicroStrategy and its support for the crypto industry

Since 2020, a boom year in the cryptocurrency sector, MicroStrategy has aggressively introduced Bitcoin as part of its long-term value reserve strategy, transforming it into one of the company’s main cryptocurrency sectors.

The first acquisition will take place in agosto del mentionedo año, cuando compró par primera vez 21,454 BTC. The last change comes from the beginning of November, when he got 16,130 bitcoins for total 593 million dollars.

Hasta el momento MicroStrategy invests more than $5,000 million in Satoshi Nakamoto’s digital currency and makes 32 purchases desde su primera incursión al rubro.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, expects BTC to rise further in 2024

Saylor views the future of cryptography in light of the 2024 promise for the entire ecosystem it marks halvinga programmed event that reduces the circulating supply of bitcoin mining rewards and possible regulatory approval immediate approval more Exchange-traded funds (ETFs, in their English names) BTC al contado en EE.UU.

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