The FBI is investigating the theft of 216 BTC stolen by a Bitcoin developer

Follow the trail. No one is completely safe hacking your walleteven a bitcoin developer (BTC), in this case. There is, more precisely, more than 200 bitcoins which were stolen Luke Dash Jr. As part of the investigation FBI on this hack, it appears that all crypto conference participants were sift.

Theft of over $15 million in Bitcoins

This current story stealing bitcoins starts between late 2022 and early 2023. In fact, it is in January 2023 that the Bitcoin core developer Luke Dash Jr reported that he had been robbed of a total of 216 BTC. At the current price of the king of cryptoassets, this represents a hell of a sum around 15.2 million dollars.

And as The Block in particular reports, it is the entire conference crypto – in this case the event ” CoreDev Atlanta » October 2022 – which he seems to be interested in Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in its investigation about this bitcoin theft.

In each case, Mike Schmidtco-founder of the public benefit company Brink, received a request for information on the subject from a US federal agency.

“As part of the investigation into the Bitcoin theft reported by Luke Dashjr, I received a subpoena from the FBI to obtain information about attendees of the October 2022 CoreDev Atlanta event (…). Legally I was advised to cooperate. »

Mike Schmidt, co-founder of Brink

Bitcoin Conference Attendees Under FBI Scrutiny

According to Mike Schmidt a lot of information therefore, the participants of the crypto-action were requested by the federal agents: names AND First namestheir usernames GitHub and their email address.

Co-founder Brink explains that this request for information was under seal and confidentiality for one yearwhich explains why this story is only appearing now, after that deadline.

“I don’t have any details on this FBI investigation, and I don’t know if it was for a specific targeted suspect or more general information gathering.”

Mike Schmidt, co-founder of Brink

When it comes to stealing valuable cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoins, they are hackers very imaginativelike this one malware that targets the BTC wallets of Call of Duty cheaters. And when it comes to developer Luke Dashjr’s millions of dollars in bitcoins, they still running in the wild a priori.

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