Ring: securing your home office with the best technology

This is undeniable safety is essential Today and today it is interesting to know Ring, an integral solution designed to provide security in all circumstances.

The Innovator uses the Ring without warning, but it also provides constant peace of mind, allowing you to live with the confidence that what matters most to you is protected.

Ring uses the best available technology on the market. Not only does your innovator prevent this, but it also provides constant peace of mind and allows you to live with the confidence that your negotiation is protected.

Clav Ring root en su incorporating vanguard technology, such as radar technology and artificial intelligence. Intelligent sensors, high-resolution cameras and advanced warning systems create a safe environment.

Real-time motion detection and integration with mobile devices, giving the user complete control, allow you to manage everything you need from the palm of your hand, at any moment and from your quiers.

Real-time motion detection and integration with mobile devices, giving the user complete control, allow you to manage everything you need from the palm of your hand, at any moment and from your quiers.

Ring: safety for all

Ring is a smart home and business security company that offers a wide range of technology devices to ensure the best possible protection.

No solo incorporated the best technology for safety, otherwise it is affordable. No one else, but there are many Ring devices its DIYYou have decided that you do not need technical support for your installation. There are practical solutions as well as security concerns, such as reacting to a stamp when it is incorrect.

The inclusion of the Ring security system is done by various devices such as cameras, video signs, access control devices and alarmskeep in mind that all components are always connected via the free app so the user can control them.

Gracias al customized systemRing security is tailored to the customer’s individual needs, so you can independently combine all devices to create the perfect “security ring”.

PUSH Ring screen application This is another essential part, because it is the connection that connects to all devices, you can control them without restrictions if necessary.

The cutting edge technology of the Ring device

There are some products that can be removed as is video timbre (Battery Video Doorbell Plus) through the front door, Ring the intercomdevice for your intercom Stick Up Cam Pro batteryversatile camera with the latest technology.

Battery Video Doorbell Plus


El video timbre Battery Video Doorbell Plus It’s a system you can see and know, with which you are welcomed into the Ring app with 1526p HD resolution and a head-to-head viewing angle, so you can’t escape and you can decide if you want. the door or not.

Algo very interesting is that it involves a system Packet detection Therefore, a notification will be received when there is already one in the package area you specify.

Ring the intercom

Ring the intercom


A new way to interact with the intercom is that Ring the intercom, accessories compatible with traditional intercoms. Ring Intercom allows you to open and cover the door of the building to people who are at the entrance of the building or your office from the owner of your smartphone.

Pero no solo eso, sino que scroll to receive notifications cada vez that alguien llame has your intercom, there is a friend or a dispatcher visiting.

Included in the price, you can use an automatic authentication system that allows trusted guests to access the building using it. guest virtual key, Please note that you are responding to a notification.

You can grant access to self-verified guests up to 24 hours a day or during scheduled hours, so you can revoke access at any time through the Ring app.

Stick Up Cam Pro battery

Stick Up Cam Pro


This outdoor and indoor camera Stick Up Cam Pro Battery Pro offers advanced features like this 3D motion detection Through radar for more accurate motion alerts, HDR video with color night vision and Audio+ for clearer and sharper sound.

You can connect these headphones because you don’t need cables to work perfectly, with the option to upload the camera to your mobile at any time. Plus, you’ll receive real-time alerts if you detect movement and you can use two-way communication to connect with visitors.

Ring no solo represents an advanced security barrier, otherwise a constant compromise with your peace of mind and the best technology.

Protecting your phone is as important as your home office, knowing that Ring is at the forefront of security innovation, providing protection and letting you communicate so you can use your smartphone.

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