Prepare to negotiate the future: invite yourself into your brand

At those times that correspond to the brands sold. And therefore, more than one number, the good news is to sell global experiences to our customers and users. But what is the value or popularity of the company? ¿How is it when the brand is good?

In fact, there are metrics documents that can be used to compare brands based on their popularity, level of awareness, or performance.

The creative director of the GALTON Brands agency Jakub Čupka received that without the embargo the request is siendo which of these formulas is really relevant to the brand owner.

“The first thing I hear is that the consumer who comes ‘from the future’ perceives brands in a different way than a marketing expert,” he says. I decided that people don’t have brands as “a set of carefully planned strategies, brand books and well-defined customer segments”, pointed out Jakub. No. Tags are for users micro moments and small experiences.

So a good grade is one that provides a complete experience. Conseguirlo is based on a clear vision that is expressed externally and internally and affects not only the product or service offered, but also the behavior of the entire organization.

List of tags for changes

Brands are effective and healthy, including, across the spectrum of recessionary mandates. Peter Bystriansky, General Manager of GALTON Brands in Spain, said more than proved that “brands that focus on branding and combine our communication activities on a wide range of results in shorter places It is more resilient and better prepared to face changes in the market“.

Therefore, there are studies that suggest that even if demand and consumption decrease, causing an economic crisis, consumers will choose to take advantage of these brands, with no stable relationship before the consumption of their brands decreases.

At the same time, companies are prioritizing work on faster renewal of sails and attracting competition. I decide, it’s a popular phrase that a crisis is created, and the second part is: a crisis gives you an opportunity to build a brand for the future.

Peter explained that the brand needs to “instigate and reform the entrepreneurial culture”. What is important to consumers? and company employees. Porque las marcas son como un castillo de naipes. Consumers enjoy it based on their experiences and interactions. But our employees should also feel that they are good.

En GALTON desarrollan marks desde dentro hacia fuera. Y lo hacen por convencimiento. “Create training in which the company’s employees benefit from its brand, directly affecting the overall customer experience,” sums up Jakub.

In today’s world, where every consumer is a medium and can communicate and influence other people, all employees “are not solo in the marketing department” must be involved in contributing to the reputation of the brand.

Y ahora ¿cómo hago que crezca?

It is not enough to create a brand: it is necessary to manage training and project it into the minds of employees. Working with a common training brand in the direction of the organization has a significant impact on the retention, motivation and compromises of our members. Algo is especially important today.

In this connection GALTON positions itself as a strategic socio-economic company With these brands, you can see the results in the big square. In addition, the task of defining the brand, mission and vision of the organization, but also the task of creating its visual, verbal and audio identity in full.

Yes, the strategic definition of a brand is its only beginning. “Let’s help our clients manage their 360° communication, whether through traditional or new channels, on social networks or through our internal communication.

And we also understood that building long-term relationships is the most effective way to create negotiations for our clients,” said Peter.

Porque seno una reality that, a veces, se olvida. Brand management is complete and “must be understood as a permanent process”, says the CEO of GALTON Brands in Spain, who, thanks to his team of more than 30 specialists, helps our clients to think more about the community.

The range of brands comes with various manuals and user policies, but they do not apply. Razones, muchas: it can be, for example, an excess of ambition on the part of those running the brand.

Solution a invest in agency expertise like GALTON You can survive more than just negotiating.

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