Plan financially for the future: diversify and control your income

Profile and inversion options

Sticking to the fact that a person – the most conservative or the most willing to take responsibility – is an important factor when it comes to habits planned economy, the other Pablo García Estévez, professor of finance at CUNEF University. “Alguien with more conservative profile quizzes is better product rental o en temas immobiliarios”, apunta. Mientras que un riesgo high profile, según detalla, puede estar comodo invirtiendo en ‘bitcoins’ or variable rent (bolsa).

In order to financially plan the “most urgent things” in the future, according to you, it is necessary to have between 60% and 70% of your rent card remain unchanged, “yes, the restaurant, in the variable rent”. However, “poca aversión al riesgo” can be used for 30% with fixed income, 40% or 50% with variable income and 10% with derivatives or more volatile products “because it buscando is built on the market”

Dice García Estévez that except diversifyit is crucial to understand that every vital moment is different with regard to capacity for horrorbasic v financial planning. Young people and strangers are “a priori” in a better situation to change the dinner, but they do not have the ingredients to transport.

“If you have kids in school who have been through many years of gas, with a university and a master’s degree, you are not interested in them becoming a long-term product,” says García Estévez. Once you see that the job is independent, that’s the best moment, you’ll get tired of it. “All your food and all your ingredients are at their best”, in detail. “That’s normal capacity for horror “Se incremente con los años”, he insists. Hasta que llega la houra de jubilación. real estate inversionor quizás essential income, as suggested by Pin Arboledas.

In this sense, Álvaro Manteca recognizes that there are digital herramientos asesoramiento, like BBVA Invest, which offers the best reversing solution based on each customer’s personal characteristics, requirements and risk tolerance. Likewise, “we have a large number of tools to maintain our nosotros mismos nuestras propias de inversiones, como pueden ser nuestros buscador de fondos, nuestros simuladores y nuestros comparadores de fondos, que nos ayudan a selectcionar las mejores alternativas.” So we also have the option of being guided and accompanied by one of our experts through the entire process,” he said.

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