BBVA encourages participation in cybersecurity and behavioral economics courses

With 49 million digital customers worldwide, BBVA has launched an integral strategy to protect against “online” fraud, which in the last 3 years has led to the prevention of up to 75% of cybercriminal activities, and therefore in 2023 alone, the global financial crime prevention unit was launched and was banking alliance to fight fraud established.

Sin embargo, ciberataque numbers do not lead anywhere to technological phallos like spol human behaviortherefore, in addition to rejecting technology, training of key people in the fight against this crime.

In order to reduce the exposure of clients and employees to them, BBVA’s global Behavioral Economics team, in cooperation with the bank’s Cybersecurity team, developed a project designed for to encourage the participation of your employees in a “phishing” training course. The work received recognition in the 2023 edition of the first GAABS, which was sponsored by the Global Association of Applied Behavioral Scientists (Asociación Global de Científicos de Comportamiento Aplicado).

The team analyzed thoroughly that messages are more effective To increase your interest in this type of training. “To begin with, we use an ‘online’ panel to help you go through the BELA herramienta to see if there are any patterns of behavior that improve functionality between clients,” she said. Diana Fernandez, Senior Manager of Behavioral Economics at BBVA. “Through this experiment, we found that including reports that revealed agility and quickly completed the phishing training course if you duplicate interests in mismo“.

The team went on to conduct a second experiment that showed that the messages were aimed at curiosity and the recipients’ egos could be legitimate. increase up to 70% visits to the training page. “‘En qué fraud caerías según tu typeo de personalidad?’ o “More than 6,000 people were involved in this scam and could be the same” are some examples of messages that have been very effective,” explained Diana Fernández.

The results were especially important to you if you obtained them in a real environment. “We learn with our skill improve reporting with cybersecurity which we usually direct to our clients,” confirmed Fernández. In this way, BBVA contributes to instigating the most appropriate response to cyber attacks.

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