Crypto top & flop: Bitcoin and altcoins are in bad shape

Bitcoin saw red last night and it’s not a pretty sight. Performances to watch in crypto top & flop.

The best crypto: coins that are trying to get

Axelar has no use for BTC

With the widespread fall of cryptocurrency, if an altcoin wanted to thrive, it had to behave differently than BTC. Axelar, who immediately understood, did not need to think twice.

AXL/USD – CoinMarketCap.

Axelar and his AXL stayed in the green during the day despite the headwind, which was blowing very strongly. With a very nice increase of 8.14%, the token took advantage of the opportunity to return well above the dollar.

Optimism emanates from Ethereum

Very often we get used to the token shining through the central part of the ecosystem, but this time it is not. Indeed, while optimism may be on the rise today, this is unfortunately not the case for Ethereum.

OP/USD – CoinMarketCap.

In the end, OP coin lives up to its name very well and gives hope to other cryptocurrencies. With several altcoins surging surprisingly, it may be time to “buy the dip” in some altcoins. Optimism is now valued at $2.52 after a 7.56% increase.

Atom comes to surprise his world

From January 1st, we didn’t necessarily expect to see ATOM on the podium of the day. What’s more, when the market is not doing well.

atomic course
ATOM/USD – CoinMarketCap.

Despite everything, the main coin of the Cosmos ecosystem manages to hold its ground with a gain of 7%, which propels it to a price of $8.33.

Crypto flop: a very tough day for these tokens

Arweave is at the bottom

For the losers of the day, we’re going down a few levels with Arweave’s disastrous performance that won’t be beaten today. Conversely, the altcoin surprised everyone by doing almost twice as badly as the second flop.

AR/USD – CoinMarketCap.

Retracement is eventually felt with a significant loss of speed. AR price dropped by 22.43% and we noticed that altcoins are not all in the same boat.

The crowds won’t be the envy of anyone

With similar performances coming one after the other, some will eventually question whether we are still in a bull market. And it’s not the performance of Stacks (STX) that will challenge these kinds of theories.

stx course
STX/USD – CoinMarketCap.

The altcoin is in a very bad position today with the rate falling below $2. The reason is an impressive drop of 13.43%.

NEO is a very good company

When it’s a good day, it’s good to be well surrounded! But when it’s a bad day, it’s just as important. For flops of the day, it is highly desirable to expect NEO to lose more than 10%.

NEO/USD – CoinMarketCap.

Fortunately, NEO’s decline seems to be stopping, but we will have to redouble our efforts to get higher. In fact, because NEO lost almost 12% when its price dropped to $15.50.

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Although some altcoins have held up well and have good momentum, unfortunately this is not the case for all yet. Some were fooled by the storm with losses of 5 to 10% compounded.

Moral of the story: never fall for crypto time, a bull market bothers us even more than a bull market.


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