Criteria, procedures… Everything you need to know about transitional rental housing (LLI)

In order to restart the construction of houses, the executive wishes to “double the production of transitional rental housing (LLI)” in stressed areas, from now until the end of the five-year period (increase from 15,000 to 30,000 units per year).

This Thursday, November 16, in Dunkerque, Élisabeth Borne announced the commitment of the State and the Caisse des Dépôts in the amount of 500 million euros and expects a similar commitment from institutional investors.

“Ministers will soon bring together institutional investors and sector operators to contribute to this effort. This is how we can improve the situation by supporting the production of housing where the need is greatest.with all players at the table,” declared the head of government.

What is a median housing supply?

The (still) little-known transitional rental housing was established by order of 20 February 2014. Their prices are below market prices – roughly 10 and 20% cheaper – but higher than social housing prices.

LLIs are located in tight areas – geographical areas where housing supply is limited and there is significant demand – and are aimed primarily at middle-income householdsthey do not necessarily have access to social housing (designed for people on low incomes).

To be eligible, candidates must have income that meets the regulated resource limits, it varies depending on the number of people in the accommodation and the location of the property.

How to get to transitional housing?

As stated on the Capital website, it is possible to sign up for Action Logement. Required conditions: be an employee of a company in the non-agricultural private sector with at least 10 employees, be an employee of a company in the agricultural sector with at least 50 employees, have resources equal to or less than the regulated resource ceilings, and state that the requested accommodation is your main residence.

It is also possible to apply through a private landlord contracted by the National Agency for Housing (ANAH).

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