This crypto-entrepreneur files a complaint against the US for abuse

United States in Dock! For once, it is the United States that finds itself being prosecuted for misusing the FBI process against Steven Nerayoff, who is well known in the cryptosphere for supporting the founder of Ethereum in the project implementation. The case was just reported by FOX Business, who published a complaint filed in the courts that targets prosecutors and FBI agents. Steven Nerayoff was allegedly the victim of some form of harassment by these representatives of the American justice system for four years and is demanding 9.6 billion in damages. We are doing an inventory of the file.

Steven Nerayoff is suing the United States on behalf of Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA)

Successful entrepreneur, lawyer, administrator of several international patents and founder of the blockchain consulting company Alchemist, Steven Nerayoff is one of the well-known personalities of the ecosystem. Some have heard of him because of the many differences he had with the historical founders of Ethereum, but that is not the topic of the day. in 2019his companion in the Alchemist company and will first be arrested for having “threatened to destroy the start-up unless they were paid millions of dollars” as we can read in a legal file that is similarextortion.

The legal battle will then begin and continue four years during which Steven Nerayoff accuses certain agents of resorting to “harassment and intimidation tactics, as well as fabricating evidence to support blackmail allegations.” The fact is that after these four long years of trial, a New York judge finally dismissed the complaint in May 2023 in the face of prosecutors’ failure to produce concrete evidence of this so-called racketeering act. A year after the decision, Mr. Nerayoff counterattacked and asked the state for compensation: he wanted 9.6 billion dollars.

He is seeking $9.6 billion in damages for four years of malpractice

His lawyers explained that the damage was caused by him reputationhis projects and his companies would be important enough for us to take legal action, according to the court filing:

“As a direct and proximate result of the misconduct of federal agents and/or officers, Mr. Nerayoff’s well-being, personal life and career have been irreparably damaged. (…) He incurred significant legal costs in his defense while also losing income as a result of becoming a feared outcast in the crypto community. »

Steven Nerayoff Legal Team – Source: Cointelegraph

It’s in the name Federal Tort Claims Act that lawyers oppose the attack because the law allows citizens who feel they are being unfairly targeted by people acting on behalf of the administration to file complaints anddemand redress.

Finally, according to FOX Business journalist Eleanor Terrett, Steven Nerayoff would also hire a certain Alan Dershowitz to bolster his legal team, who is a great lawyer known for being directly or indirectly involved in the proceedings involving Mike Tyson, OJ Simpson, Julian Assage. , Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein and even Jeffrey Epstein. With this big name at the bar with him, there is no doubt that the case will make a lot of noise and that we will be hearing about this affair soon.

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