Reverse tips: how they influence financial decisions

To realize inversions that happen on a large scale, it is essential to understand and understand the cognitive and psychological aspects of people that small amounts lead to bad decisions and inversion errors.

¿What are inverse sesgos? Many decisions that people make in their daily lives are based on mental processes that are characterized by being fast, automatic and intuitive, because the brain consumes a lot of energy and avoids rationalizing all the decisions that they make during their daily life . These words are also present in annulment decisions.

You may decide that in the world of finance these are prevalent as in the most common areas. ¿What does cada uno consist of?

PUSH aversion to lost people It is a lesson that provokes valuable people to avoid losing money that is lost. Therefore, it is also possible to take small amounts of food when it is worthwhile.

An example of this is that people prefer to eat food in an inverter environment, even in the context of inflation. In this case, always and given sufficient time, many of them are converted and eventually hope for fruit.

El otro sesgo es el social behavior, which occur when inversores siguen decide on other persons instead of their propias. For example, if the primary groups – acquaintances and friends – are interested in the events, it is possible that people will also start to experience their arrival.

In this case, there is also a way to “lose algo”, there are many people who have no room for possible profit. no le favorcen Uniquely because we are here in this sense, It is recommended that you use person flips to analyze and think about their independent form What kind of rice is best for them.

More all sesgos

The form of passenger escape is conscious. In order to understand the reason for some of the biases or my claims, it is important that people inform themselves about the options to reverse that they are in the market. In the specific case of BBVA in Argentina, there are various options for the daily economy that are not ideal to leave your friends.

In order for our customers to confirm the aguinaldo and be able to claim it, BBVA in Argentina offers easy, safe and 100% “online” inversion options.

Plazo Fijo Clàsico is a reversed alternative in which the plazo is placed and a pile of interests from the beginning. It is done by depositing money in the bank at a specified time and upon completion, more than extra in terms of interest is accepted this month.

BBVA also offers you plazos fijos en dollars, precancelables, linkedos al valor UVA To prevent bloat, for small or mixed stacks, including several small plates and small.

With a minimum amount, you can carry out some steps in 100% ‘online’ form through Banca Online. To see if each person is listed, you can explore the various options using the real estate simulator available on the bank’s website.

Another option that BBVA offers its regular reverse funds. The product of your inheritance is created with the input of investors who compare similar items of profitability and profit. This common heritage or set of activities is managed by banking professionals.

Likewise, there are common inverter pools with different characteristics for different inverter profiles: Fondos de Plazo Fijo, de Renta Fija Corto Plazo, de Renta Fija, de Renta Mixta and de Renta Variable.

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