Rent recovery will not be complete in 2024, but will continue to be a moment for diversification

Beatriz Catalán, Director of Inversiones of Ibercaja Gestión

At the end of 2023, we are in a state where we decide that this will be a year that will be difficult to repeat. And even if it is the year that the inverter is on, it has been achieved (with a large volume of inverse products), otherwise, in terms of profitability, the inverter can be counted on with the sound of contentment.

Between now and 2024, the return will prove to create a scenario that is favorable for a safe and profitable turnaround because we have so much joy in 2023 when the lease is still available.

A priori, rental income will become the protagonist in 2024 When the central banks lift their foot on the accelerator and we will hear from you among the types of interested parties. Sin embargo, with the rally from November to December, much of this scenario is at a cost. Therefore, the logical series extends its duration in 2024, but we hope to have a longer time in the market.

In the world of real income, We prioritize the highest quality activities over the high performance ones; This is also the correct behavior of these ultimates. However, our recommendation to customers is to diversify beyond business class card rentals and sales as these opportunities arise. The goal is to secure these levels of profitability for a large portion of the card for the next few years.

Most of the world of this kind of activity is therefore recommended to increase the diversification of our business cards. To be sure, variable income is against its relative valuation and one of the forecasts that is highly optimistic about earnings in the coming years. Therefore, in the macroeconomic scenario that was considered for next year, the increase of the trading profit by 10% was further complicated. Moreover, the year-end rally lost an opportunity that should have been seen in the October finale in the last markets.

In this sentiment come to 2024 with a clear vision with a preference for defensive sectors, as coberturas to approve current levels as well as indices and volatility implied in derivatives markets. We hope to identify business opportunities without exception at the end of the year, we just want to avoid extremely inappropriate behavior; Simply put, the alternative has a sufficiently attractive profitability profile. For geographies, at the level of the EU’s preferred European index for valuation, you can find defensive opportunities in other markets as well. Respect the technology and media sector, although its weight is decisive in the US market, we are the most conservative for this spectacular year 2023.

total, After long-term public records registered this year, investors must register in 2024, increasing the diversification of their carteras.. Well within the existing lease to expand the base of operations and expand sales; o well, they push ports with profiled cards that in the middle of the plazo siempre han getado un rendido superior y que gozan de unas perspectivas muy optimistas para los proximos años. The rental contract is thus proportional to profitability, which is necessary for peace of mind for many clients and can also translate into variable income.

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