Online banking: get bonuses of up to 230 euros when you subscribe to the Fortuneo card!

Until March 18, Fortuneo offers a special offer for its new customers. When opening an account for the first time, the online bank offers bonuses of up to 150 euros for the Fosfo card and up to 230 euros for the Gold Mastercard. Here are the terms.

You can currently get a welcome bonus ranging from 10 to 230 euros by opening an account with one of the online banks offering a special operation. To get the most attractive bonus, you should contact Fortuneo. From 5 to 18 March 2024 only online bank allows its new customers to benefit for bonus up to 230 euros for every first opening of an account (individual or joint) requires a bank card subscription.

Up to 230 euros for Gold Mastercard

To get a bonus when signing up to an online bank account, a promotional code must be entered FTN0324, and send the documents by April 1, 2024. The amount of the first insurance premium depends on the purchased card:

  • receive 70 euros to open an account with a Fosfo bank card;
  • Or 150 euros if you opt for the Gold Mastercard.

Payout of the bonus is conditional on making at least 5 card payments within 90 days after actually signing up for the card, no later than 30 days after making the fifth payment. please note that only one bonus will be paid if a joint account is established. Likewise, online banking requires a deposit account and card to be prepaid keep for at least one year. If this does not happen, Fortuneo reserves the right to withdraw the premium amount from the holder’s deposit account.

For every first use of the neoChange bank mobility assistance service, the online bank also offers a additional bonus of 80 euros, valid for the transfer of all your regular direct debits or transfers. This will be transferred to the Fortuneo deposit account no later than 20.6.2024. In total, the premium can reach 150 euros for the Fosfo card, and up to 230 euros for the Gold Mastercard.


Two cards to choose from: Fosfo or Gold Mastercard

This bonus is reserved for Fosfo recipes only and Gold Mastercard. Classic and World Elite Mastercards are excluded from the offer. The Fosfo card is accessible without income conditions and free of charge, provided that at least one payment is made per month. Only available in instant debit, however it allows for free on all transactions worldwide.

You must provide proof to have a deferred or instant debit card of your choice monthly income of 1800 euros minimum and get a Gold Mastercard. Free with the condition of one payment per month, it also enables payments and withdrawals without fees abroad. In addition, it allows its holder to use higher spending limits as well as extensive travel insurance.

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