MetaMask integrates a new tool to check your eligibility for airdrops and NFTs

Good news for drop hunters and NFT enthusiasts! Famous crypto wallet MetaMask partners with Daylight to offer a new feature: check your eligibility for Airdrops and NFT coins

A handy tool on MetaMask for paratroopers

The famous crypto-wallet MetaMask has partnered with Daylight to offer its users a new feature: verification of eligibility for airdrops and potential non-fungible token (NFT) claims.. This new feature, which is already available on several popular blockchains, will allow you to stop missing out on interesting opportunities.

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With Daylight integration, MetaMask offers a real solution to check your eligibility for airdrops from different protocols.

No more spending nights on Telegram groups or chasing the latest Twitter threads. Simply go to the “Explore” page of your MetaMask wallet, you will find a new section called “Eligible Airdrops”. At a glance, you’ll be able to view the airdrops you’re eligible for and possibly claim your tokens.

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Daylight: cross-chain and personalized recommendations for NFTs

Daylight’s usefulness isn’t just limited to checking your eligibility. The Daylight API goes even further by leveraging “various social factors” to suggest NFTs you might be interested in. These factors consist of on-chain and off-chain elements that profile your interests in the NFT world.

Here are some examples of criteria used by Daylight:

  • Be whitelisted for the NFT project;
  • Hold the desired token participate in an airdrop or mint;
  • Hold the token linked to the projectas a management token that could give you voting rights on the future development of the protocol;
  • You have already interacted with the NFT creator in the pastfor example, by having participated in the previous minting of one of her collections;
  • Follow NFT creators on a decentralized platform or social network as Farcaster, which could demonstrate a special interest in his artwork.

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Daylight features aren’t just for the Ethereum ecosystem. Airdrop eligibility verification and customized NFT recommendations are available on other blockchains widely used in DeFi: Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, Zora and Polygon.

It is therefore possible to explore all the possibilities offered by different protocols without having to worry about the blockchain they are based on.

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Source: The Block

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