MetaMask integrates a feature so you don’t miss any crypto airdrops

Good news for airborne farmers. Despite the criticism that may be leveled at him, MetaMask remains the most used wallet in DeFi. Consensys, the company behind the wallet, often improves it to meet current needs. So, in the era of airdrop season, MetaMask is coming up to date.

In the dropship world, farming and interacting with protocols might be the easiest part. Indeed, if you stand on dozens of parachutes, it can be is difficult to follow that second one.

Even worse, it may happen that due to lack of follow-up we passions next to paratroopers because we didn’t claim it in time.

MetaMask counts fix this problem with the latest update. So on April 9, MetaMask announced a new integration enabling Easily claim airdrops and NFTs you may be entitled to.

In practice, this functionality is enabled by API integration Daylightwhich takes care of carrying out the necessary airdrop fitness checks.

To use this new feature, you must go to the section “Explore” from the MetaMask portfolio, which you can find here:

You will see a small attachment that lists all the airdrops you may be eligible for.

Note that this feature currently supports Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, Zora and Polygon blockchains. More could join this list in the coming months.

A goldmine for NFTs

At the same time, this partnership between MetaMask and Daylight also features NFT explorer.

Still on the MetaMask portfolio interface, the application offers you NFT recommendation for minter.

To do this, Daylight checks numerous parameters to see if:

  • Your address is on the whitelist;
  • You hold the required token;
  • You hold the associated token;
  • The NFT was created by a creator whose NFT you have already minted;
  • The NFT was minted by someone you follow on Farcaster;
  • It was stamped by an influencer;
  • It is trending among holders of the popular NFT collection;
  • Made by a popular designer.

Finally, Daylight also studies on-chain trends to find new NFT trends to mine.

We know that MetaMask is on all fronts. So last March, our colleagues at CoinDesk revealed a a bank card project that would involve a wallet. Consensys, the company behind MetaMask, declined to comment.

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