Massive flooding in Dubai disrupts Blockchain Life and Token2049 events

Dubai is facing extreme weather conditions that are disrupting its infrastructure while also hosting several conferences on the crypto sector.


  • Cryptocurrency conference disrupted by heavy rain in Dubai.
  • Social media shows disruptions in the city and at conferences.
  • Transport companies were affected by the weather.
  • A red alert was triggered, which led to the closure of establishments.

Dubai flood shakes the world of crypto conferences.

On April 16, Dubai witnessed a an extraordinary climatic event : Torrential rains broke all-time records in 24 hours. The impact on the metropolis was so significant that even global events such as the Blockchain Life and Token2049 conferences did not escape its storm.

Disturbances visible on a city scale.

The scope of the breach quickly took over social media. Countless pictures showed up scenes of chaos not only throughout the city, but also within the crypto-conferences themselves. Who would have thought that these participants would have to navigate not the entanglements of crypto-blockchains, but the floods?

Impacts on flights and infrastructure.

In fact, this meteorological phenomenon has gone so far as to affect the city’s infrastructure. Airlines such as Emirates and Fly Dubai had to suspend their services. THE “operational challenge” was that on April 17, no boarding checks were possible for passengers departing from Dubai between 8:00 a.m. and midnight.

Red alert, a wake-up call for the nation.

In the face of this extreme weather event, the government pulled out the ultimate weapon: the red alert. On April 16, a clear instruction was issued to all citizens: stay at home. The visibility of this disaster even led to closure of schools, offices and banks Throughout the country. A number of measures have been put in place to protect the country from flooding, including parking vehicles outside flood zones.

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