Learn about the technology that increased the billing of one of the major agri-food companies by more than 20 million

Artificial intelligence is one of the reasons why the most advanced companies in the field take care of them. We already know the future of the planet as the necessity of the present, which in many cases is a more than effective tool, e.g. increase sales or expand negotiations.

Along with this, all kinds of technological innovations have made digital transformation a reality. Porque hoy o se es digital or no se es.

In this context, we have companies that materialize technology and advancements to expand the dealings, increase the customer base and sales of organizations, and for this reason increase the productivity of businesses.

Exponencia is a clear example of a digital transformation company and its numbers are there.

For this example it is as follows: increase customer invoicing in the agri-food sector by more than 20 million euros. How? Thanks to the application of artificial intelligence.

Smarter Business Help

The client has a very specific return: to increase the annual contributions of inversions in technology.

Here, Exponencia is a specialized company in revolutionary technologies and high-value technology solutions have implemented Datocles herramienta, a software that acts as a “commercial aid”.

In decision making, we deal with a product recommendation system that will generate automatic sales suggestions based on the sales history of our customers and customers with similar profiles.

Datocles So it is an innovative offer that turns into a low price and generates an increase of more than 20 million euros in billing in the first year of application.


However, the profit is not only yours, but the use of this technology is allowed by the sales department. reduce working time, improve the number of decisions and increase the efficiency of your actions. You make the decision, it’s a win for the organization and the customer that your productivity goes away.

From there, the agri-food firm assures that it currently has “total steel in the commercial actions that Datocles aconseja”. And because of this, you must duplicate our sales and enjoy “exponential growth”.

Award for the most innovative software

This particular case shows the real impact of technological transformation on businesses. The mantra that has been defending the Exponent for years, the creator of this recommendation with millionaire results, called Datocles.

O dicho en otras palabras, una Inteligencia Artificial que es applicable to any type of company There is activity in sectors such as retail, agri-food and energy, among others.

The story of Datocles is real. Last year, Forbes magazine recognized Exponentia as the “Most Innovative Startup of 2022,” housing the company as one of the leading technologies in Spain in digital transformation.

Yes, this software is capable of business through optimization of sales, sales and production processes.

Finally, Datocles will influence the negotiation and create 0 new recommendations, predictions and analysis. An authentic revolution.

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