Ibex sube el 22.7% in its best year since 2009

Various panels and monitors show the evolution of the Spanish Bolsa in a Madrid parkAna Bornay (EFE)

The commodity is to be booked in 2023 thanks to the variable rent rally that runs from October to October and is bullish on the future of central bank interest types in the near vicinity of the year. Some options that allow in addition to having a good time limit are recorded in all types of reverse activities a year earlier just when you are missing the price of money.

The S&P 500 rose 24%, an all-time high, and a 43% record on the Nasdaq Composite — its biggest since 2020 and a record gain set in 2003 in plena fiber puntocom — of which The story of the Magnificent Stories – Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Nvidia, Meta and Tesla – overshadowed the behavior of all other active players in 2023. Norbolsa says the S&P 500 “as these companies registered below 11%, more online at Bolsa europea. These companies are involved in the technological sectors and communication services, they return to the future of 2022, but we know that the pico in types and descontando el potential de los nuevos desarrollos de la intelligencia artificial”.

In Europe, the Stoxx 600 has rallied 13% over the past year, even as MSCI emerging markets rose 22.3%, penalized by the Chinese economy, which weighed heavily on its prices. So the Hang Seng and CSI 300 are among the select few that came in last year, with records of 13.8% and 11.3% respectively.

This is another year with more episodes of volatility, even with ultimate luck. Finally, the collapse of the established Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is based on the established financial system and manifests itself in Europe with the collapse of Credit Suisse.

The response of the central banks did not liquidate the system to avoid the financial earthquakes that befell them. So the solution from Suiza al maltrecho Credit Suisse – acquired at the last minute by UBS – is to temporarily take into account the development of the deuda al dejar a cero el valor de los conditional convertible bond market (coconuts) out of a total amount of more than 16,000 million euros. In exchange, the shareholders received 3,000 million, broken as if in the case of quiebra banking, the prelación order of losses entered, taken over by the entire hasta sector.

The collapse of SVB and Credit Suisse is a clear warning of how the costs of the financial system can be disrupted. Una superado el temblor, el lento pero continuedo do Desenso de la inflation tanto en Estados Unidos como en la zone euro, sumado a unas economies que poco a poco han aflojado – de la form most remarkable in Europe – han permitido central de polos bancos fin a las endures de las tasas rectoras. After unusual currency resilience, inflation has already become a threat. The Fed takes the lead and ends up with the rebirth of unstoppable alzas de tipos. The highest level was in July, at 5.25%-5.5%, a 22-year high.

BCE slowed in September when prices were at 4.5%, the highest level since 2001. But the market was a little late before the price and dinner price were finalized. The estadounidense bono llegó a trepar al 5%, the maximum of 2007, the new designation dudas las Bolsas. No, it is the October finale, when we confirmed the turning point in the late summers and the tendency to inflation, when the destatado expectations of future lows in 2024. The rally in the second and last year is If you consume less than the potential estimated by analysts for next year. Last year, our futures were subject to a 150 basis point cut in the US and US through 2024 and a doubling of the 75 basis points the Fed put forward at its December meeting. For the Eurozone, the apuesta is rounder, from a distance of 175 basis points to the length of the near year,

Variable income

The banking sector’s momentum, which has weighed solidly at the end of the last few years, has been repulsed as Capricorn checks in at the end of pre-pandemic levels and lasts 10,102.1 years. The index climbed to 22.7% in 2023, marking its best record since 2009, with only Italy’s Mib leading (28%) apart from advances among European banks. The Capricorn banking sector grew by 27.7% last year, with the best record since its inception in 2016. Growth was led by BBVA with 46%, followed by Santander (34.8%).

For Rovi with 67% response and Inditex (60.6%) its indisputable protagonists. Amancia Ortega’s gigantic fund has brand new all-time highs this year and continues to favor the market. It is the value that most contributed to the overvaluation of Capricorn.

Frente a los Acciona y su filial de energías limpias, Acciona Energía, ejercen de farolillos rojos al retroceder más del 22% both al verse penalizados por el carecimiento del coste de financiación. The good news from Inditex was also reflected in the restaurant retail sector in Europe, which has a 34.4% share that led to profits in the last year. The name of technology companies ahead of 32%.

Power companies and children along with basic materials are cheaper than 6.5%. Between its values ​​and losses over the years, the Novo Nordisk farm has grown by 48% and has become a major player with LVMH in the battle to rise to the top of its European company thanks to the farm for the Wegos.

In any case, Bolsa’s march was due to the rumba bonos, which experienced high volatility. Because of this, the United States Bonus has a decade long year with a profitability of 3.5%, all alarms go off at 5% and the year increases to 3.85%. The behavior that holds its replica in the Spanish bono at the age of 10, which then llegar superar el 4% is found in 2.9% and in the rest of the bonos soberanos, as much in references longer than in shorter ones. benefit from rental funds that have been raised at a high rate of return. Volatility weighs, riesgo primaries are in their content and Spanish last year at 96 basis points, habiendo encajado without apuros alzas types and ruido político en España.

The escalation of interest types from the Fed and the ECB could have ended in negative comments from last year, an anomaly triggered by two transactions made by central banks, implying that the right to reciprocity AND dinner to buy a bonus, transfers will be paid by phone. A situation where the rider has spent more than 60% of the total cost is less than 3%. “2023, like the previous year, was marked by long-term behavior, but in the past, especially in the last year of the market, we recognize the expectation that we will have the right technology for the long term, with confidence in it. the process of disinflation is underway. La resiliencia económica, especiamente de EE UU también ha sido un factor de apoyo, que ha permitido tostener los beneficios empresariales”, explican desde Norbolsa.

Bankinter estimates that “it is likely that the principles of the year corresponded to a phase of consolidation, slow and reset” both in Bolsa and in two years.


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