Ibex has a 0.1% weighting at the expense of bank and energy fees

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What about the Ibex 35?

Capricorn 35 ha was covered with 0.1% during the penultimate session of the year, in one day of minimal movements in the set of financial indices. Banks are recording large declines, aware of the government’s decision to extend in 2024 the charge in the sector and its intention to permanently damage, at the peak of recovery, which reacts with an impact in the sector that will last until now año pero con dedductions para las inversiones en large industrial projects y decarbonización . The expected price of these types is fixed and the euro price is $1.11 as of July.

¿Qué valores son los que más suben o bajan?

What more Caen:

Sabadell: -2.56%

Banker: -2.12%

Griffons: -0.7%

More importantly:

Acciona Renovables: +2.16%

Solaria: +1.58%

Action: +1.48%

Where is Bolsas restaurant?

Stores are sold off and moving into holiday activity, with the S&P 500 at a record all-time high and a record more than 0.6% rise at higher elevations. In Asia, the Nikkei averaged 1.15% and the Shanghai Index reached 0.33%. In Europe, indices are not affected by many highs, which may lead to the Euro Stoxx 50 retrieving the pre-Lehman crisis record of July 2007.

Keys of the day

  • The prospect of central banks launching imminent stakeholder rebates is at the heart of the mercados. In the United States, investors have an 84% chance of reporting results from March 2024, with CME FedWatch data compiled by Reuters, with more than 150 basis reporting points for the next year.
  • Pierde fuerza el llamado rally de Navidad, something that happens in the last days of the year. It advances on Wall Street, which, if the markets were to protect the volumes of escasos contracts, no anima a la Bolsa Española.
  • The last Council of Ministers of the Spanish government approved the provision of certain anti-inflation remedies, such as the reduction of the IVA of basic foodstuffs for another six months or the ban on desahuciar to vulnerable people until 2025. Entre las medidas, se dejará The IVA of electricity is 10%, compared to 5% of the real and the 21% that applies before energy prices disappear. In addition, it will increase banking and energy costs, even with these factors. Energy can be subtracted from inversion in large industrial projects and in decarbonisation, supporting costs in contributions.
  • In the US, without any economic references, you will be informed about the weekly interests of buyers, which is a representation of the market of the real estate market.

What do the analysts say?

Álvaro Antón Luna, Abrdn’s director for Iberia, points out that with the possibility of a recession, variable income markets are “a more favorable economic opportunity for the future”. In this situation, “current values ​​offer smaller margins, so there will be a significant reaction in the short term.” This context “implies a major change in the future, which is the beginning of 2023”. The market is therefore hoping for an increase in low-digit earnings, “it is likely that there will be some signs of weakening earnings or guidance forecasts.” This expert is based on the focus on small businesses, which in themselves “are particularly attractive, both in a regional context and in the world”. In its closing words, it “has built a remarkable reputation for institutional interests in the segment”, saying it has a “valuation history associated with large-cap companies and a small-cap profile as a source of profitability in excess of large-cap”.

Capitall Group’s Jared Franz shows on the week’s chart that the “escalonadas recession” fueling various industries in Estados Unidos “may limit the possibility of a general recession” in the country. “Recesión ha habido, pero no de forma simultana”, he confirms. Recently and in the media, “various sectors remain than is registered at different moments, it can be seen that there are economists than there is an economic recession”. In his opinion, and finally the solidity of the labor market and consumption, “the economic economy could grow at an annual rate of approximately 2% in 2024. For his part, manager Chris Buchbinder suggested that “we are before the Godot recession: all hemos estado esperando”. However, in his view, “the probability of us experiencing a severe recession is much lower than 50%.

¿What is the evolution of god, division and primordial materials?

The yield on the Spanish 10-year bond is 2.82%.

The price of a barrel of Brent is $80.33.

The price of the euro is now $1.11 and has been a premium price since July of this year. The expectation of more intensive recruitment in the EU than in the eurozone is supported by the European gap.



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