EigenLayer and its EigenDA data availability solution deployed on the Ethereum mainnet

Custom layer is the so-called recount protocol. The goal is to allow the re-use of staked ETH to secure other chains or protocols. At the same time, the protocol is also developing EigenDA, a data availability solution. After he had she presented her plan last Marchthe protocol is now announcing its deployment to the Ethereum mainnet.

EigenLayer announces its mainnet deployment

Over the course of several months, the protocol Custom layer and the restake concept have become essential. Strong from $13.5 billion in TVLEigenLayer rose to second place among DeFi protocols.

On April 9th, the EigenLayer teams announced an important milestone with deploying the protocol to the Ethereum mainnet.

“Today we fulfill our promises. With the help of the entire community – restakers, operators, AVS and rollups – we are proud to launch EigenLayer and EigenDA on the mainnet. »

Thus, until now, re-staking at EigenLayer was mainly limited to the deposit of Liquid Staking Tokens (LST).

With deployment on the mainnet they have restakers now the possibility to delegate your entire share to the operator of your choice. This gives them more control over their share. In addition, it offers them the freedom to choose specific operators or join AVS.

AVS, pro Active verified service, play a vital role. They allow EigenLayer to use ETH staking to secure other chains or protocols. This is done thanks to operators who run client software adapted to these services.

EigenDA: the first AVS from EigenLayer

The first AVS deployed is none other thanEigenDAsolution data availability developed by EigenLayer.

“We often refer to EigenDA as ‘the first AVS on EigenLayer’, but it’s much more than that. We are building a future where EigenDA is the most powerful, scalable and cost-effective solution to data availability, throughput and storage challenges. It is intended to be the ultimate solution for data availability and the key to eliminating the limitations of Ethereum’s block space. »

Overall, this solution is quite similar to the one proposed by Celestia in terms of data availability, although the technical approach is different.

Deploying EigenDA to the mainnet will now allow cumulative connection to it and storage of data related to transactions that have taken place on the network. This data is necessary to verify the proofs of validity published by summaries on Ethereum. Using a solution like EigenDA allows you to avoid having to store this data on-chain on Ethereum.

However, EigenLayer does not recommend using EigenDA in production at this time and asks rollup developers to be patient for a few weeks.

Google and Coinbase are joining the party

Even as EigenLayer announced its mainnet deployment, several industry leaders announced their support.

First, Coinbase Cloud has notification to be one of the first operators of the protocol on the social network

On the other hand, Sam Padilla, a product manager at the company Google Cloud has exposed that the company participated in the EigenLayer testnet, suggesting the tech giant’s involvement in the mainnet.

For its part, the market Liquid Restaking continues to gain momentum. That’s why these protocols, which allow ETH deposits to be liquidated via restorage, recently crossed the $8 billion mark in TVL.

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