During the weekend in Nice, 9 places where you can take the most beautiful photos!

Are you looking for unmissable places in our city where you could take the best photos? This list should allow you to complete your souvenir archives…

Tourists or lovers of Nice, how can you not appreciate the scenery, whether natural or man-made, of the capital of the Alpes-​Maritimes? Many places in the city are true “Instagrammable spots”, which means that you can take wonderful photos there.

In this article, we offer you nine places, some well-known to travelers, others a little less so, that are perfect for striking a pose and capturing a moment.


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To gain height

The first thing we can mention is Zámecký vrch, which offers wonderful views. You have to climb to get there, but it’s worth it. You will see the capital between the sea and the mountains, a landscape of great diversity. You’ll be spoiled for choice, from the Baie des Anges to the red roofs of Old Nice, not forgetting Port Lympia.

Then proceed to the Tower of Saint-​François (open at different times, in certain periods), built in the 13th century. Put on your shoes and climb the 262 steps that separate the ground from the summit, 50 meters higher. After this effort, you will overlook the Riviera location. From here, the 360-degree horizon, the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the green of the parks and gardens, and even the hinterland are all facing you.

Let us now go towards the Cours Jacques Chirac, between the Cours Saleya and the Promenade des Anglais. Inaugurated in 2020, with a statue of the former president at its center, this sector is appreciated for its play of light and shadow.

A little tip: stand near the famous arcades so that you have the sea in the background or the palm trees lining the promenade. On the other side of the square, the decor will be completely different, with a South American vibe that you might also like.

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An atypical experience for the fourth spot. At Le Plongeoir restaurant, an establishment unlike any other, you may be surprised by the impressive rock rising out of the water that makes this address unique. Refined decoration that will give you the impression of a ship. Ideal for capturing romantic moments and sunsets over the waves. To be admired day and night as it sparkles with a thousand lights.

The exquisite architecture of Saint-Nicolas Cathedral

Let’s talk now about the religious monument, the famous Orthodox Cathedral of Saint-​Nicolas, located in the Parc Impérial district. A small taste of Russia awaits you here. A building of breathtaking majesty and architectural splendor. Brilliant colors that radiate magic worthy of fairy tales.

Let’s go back to the more “traditional” places representative of our territory, such as Old Nice and its picturesque streets. Walk through the streets of a city that hides secrets of all kinds.

The aroma of spices and regional dishes that will make you salivate, and then the red, orange, yellow on the facades of the houses. Setting up a postcard within reach of your device. It’s up to you to use your creativity to get the best shot.

Get creative at Place Masséna

It is impossible not to include the very photogenic Place Masséna in this list. Where to start? Perhaps thanks to the elegant checkerboard floor, the elegant buildings on the arcades dressed in red to the north, if not the perspective of the hills with Tuscan charm.

There are other angles of approach in this open-air museum. Let your imagination run wild, for example by incorporating a Sun Fountain that depicts several legends from Greek mythology. And if you want to gain height, Bella Bay it provides a breathtaking view of the entire square.

Bright colors in Port Lympia

Pointus, these small colorful boats found in Port Lympia, are worth mentioning. These charming wooden fishing boats are a great subject for a colorful and representative photo of our city.

Finally, we end with a souvenir photo of Nice, the unmissable #ILOVENICE building that adorns the Rauba Capeù embankment. An obligatory passage that can be photographed in several ways depending on the sunshine, the color of the sky, in short, perfect for showing originality!

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