Donald Trump “lost” $2.3 million on his cryptocurrencies

“45E » in the same boat as the cryptosphere? Despite a sequence of all-time highs (ATH) on bitcoin at the beginning of March 2024 it was almost there Moon that the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a correction phase. AND Ethereum and altcoins suffered even more as the king of cryptocurrencies. And a little more unexpectedly old and 45E president of the united states, Donald Trumpalso saw the collapse of his crypto portfolio, a few million dollars.

Donald Trump, the crypto multi-millionaire who takes big losses when the market goes down

If a recent survey of Americans The former president seems to prove it Donald Trump It is clear most valued by cryptocurrency owners that the current president Joe Bidenmaybe it’s not just for the merciless war the latter is waging against the sector for a period of 4 years.

In fact, so is Donald Trump owner of cryptoassets. And therefore he undergoes real Russian mountains prices of this young market, still subject to high volatility. Because among the crypto revenues from its series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and memecoins which he received (without asking for anything) as MAGA tokens ($TRUMP) notably, the former US president has a small fortune in cryptocurrencies.

But when it comes to the entire cryptosphere, all of these altcoins They like Donald Trump suffered recent respiratory phases (bears) of the crypto market. Although it is unrealized capital losses (ie virtual and temporary), we’re talking millions of dollars.

The former US president’s crypto assets fell by $2.3 million

Platform Arkham intelligence he had previously noticed two main wallets Ethereum (ETH) a Polygon (MATIC) from 45E The President of the United States (see screenshot below).

If Donald Trump is still in charge almost 6.2 million dollars cryptocurrencies, her portfolio reached a peak 8.5 million dollars on March 5.

Fall by more than 27% its total value, which can be explained on the one hand by a decrease ethers for this period from the surrounding area 4000 dollars unless 3500 dollars (-12.5%) and on the other hand by the collapse of memecoin MAGAwhich went from the top to 11 dollars see you now $5.6 today (down almost -49%).

Donald Trump’s cryptocurrencies are also experiencing a market correction. – Source:

On last 24 hours as of this writing, Arkham Intelligence stats even still indicate a latent loss of almost $175,000 for a former president of the United States. If the next election American presidentialwhich will take place in less than 7 months (start November 2024), which generally promises to be colorful, the fate of bitcoin and cryptoassets may be at stake well, at least on Uncle Sam’s soil.

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