Crypto top & flop: altcoins regain color, including the same coin!

A positive day for BTC, but especially for cryptocurrencies. Performances to watch in the crypto top and flop of the day.

Best crypto: altcoins gain up to 20%!

Dogwifhat is making a strong comeback

If yesterday the beginnings were encouraging, today the comeback is materializing. A surprise for the crypto planet, the first day of the day is a meme coin that is flying like crazy.

WIF/USD – CoinMarketCap.

WIF price is in full celebration today with a gain of 19.57% for the day. All this luck flowing into WIF allows the token to cross $3 again.

Celestia at full speed

In the second position we find a cryptocurrency that looks great today. Really, because Celestia is definitely second, but above all, the increase is impressive.

tia course
TIA/USD – CoinMarketCap.

Just before WIF, TIA has yet to say her last word and could overtake her at the end of the night. But at the moment, TIA is “satisfied” with a 16.62% increase. This allows Celestia’s assets to be revalued ($11.62).

SEI is a joy to see

What a pleasure to find SEI in the crypto top and flop of the day, especially when it is among the day’s highs.

sei course
SEI/USD – CoinMarketCap.

At the time of writing, the SEI token narrowly missed out on a 10% gain and is “satisfied” with gains of 9.60% for now. Despite everything, this is a very good daily development that allows the price of the asset to reach $0.57.

Crypto flop: bears resist upside

The core is still in the wrong place

CORE, which was already an essential member of the cryptocurrency top & flop yesterday, today repeats a similar performance with a new stay in the red.

CORE/USD – CoinMarketCap.

At the time of writing, CORE is down 7.50% and falling back below $2. Unfortunately, he failed to take advantage of the bullish dynamics of the crypto market.

The creator will no longer go unnoticed

While it’s been discreet despite the tumultuous rise in 2024, it’s during the downturn that Maker’s MKR excels.

mkr course
MKR/USD – CoinMarketCap.

While it was worth nearly $4,000 earlier this year, MKR is down again with a loss of 6.65%. Now the Maker token is valued at $2,965.

Ondo Finance is also losing its sheen

The third loser of the day, Ondo somehow did no worse than the others. Indeed, because the chip managed to gain a little height at the end of the afternoon. ONDO therefore saves the skin, but only half.

ONDO/USD – CoinMarketCap.

Coin ended up temporarily doing worse than now, but we can be happy that the loss is “only” 5.72%. The asset can be traded at a price of $0.769.

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Moral of the story: let’s head into the weekend with a light heart thanks to this final surge of the week.


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