Cinema: 21 movies you love that were filmed in Nice

Follow in the footsteps of the greatest actors and actresses thanks to the numerous films shot in Nice over the years. It forms an unmissable route through the city.

It’s a nice story between Nice and the cinema! Obviously, the Studios de la Victorine, which appeared in 1919, had a lot to do with it. After experiencing a more delicate period, overtaken by competition, they are gradually re-emerging, as we already explained to you in this article last May.

They notably hosted works such as “Les Enfants du Paradis” by Marcel Carné (1945), “La Nuit Americaine” by François Truffaut (1973) and “Les Diamants du Nil” by Lewis Teague (1985).


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Even after the resurrection of this legendary place, our city remains attractive for producers, screenwriters, directors and other actors. This is proven by numerous films shot in the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes, in the heart of natural scenery that is recognizable among thousands.

From Jean Dujardin to Robert de Niro and Jean Reno

Brice from Nice
Jean Dujardin in “Brice de Nice” (©DR)

Walking through our city you will be able to follow in the footsteps of some of the most famous feature films.

Let’s start with the military spa beach between Port Lympia and Cape Town, where Jean Dujardin played the hero of “Brice de Nice” by James Huth (2005). A view and a walk not to be missed.

At the Harbor we can evoke John’s “Ronin”. Frankenheimer with Robert de Niro and Jean Reno (1998). At the Place de l’Île de Beauté you can admire the ocher red Turin style, rows of boats, the Lympia basin and a few steps away the Castle Hill.

Rauba Capeu waterfront and the famous sundial

Let us now come to the quay of Rauba Cape, at the point between the harbor and the quay of the United States. In 2013, André Téchiné shot the film “The Man We Loved Too Much” with Catherine Deneuve and Guillaume Canet there. Today you can take a picture with the famous #ILoveNice or become the hands of the sundial yourself by placing yourself in the designated area. In addition, enjoy the magnificent panorama of the Baie des Anges.

“La Promesse de l’Aube” by Jules Dassin with Melina Mercouri (1970) and the remake by Eric Barbier (2017) also highlight the landscape of our city, especially the waterfront of the United States, which is adjacent to the Ponchettes, these small houses with flat roofs and for the second film The trading town of La Buffa.

Promenade des Anglais, a legendary setting

Bay of Angels
Jeanne Moreau in The Bay of Angels (©DR)

You can’t miss the Promenade des Anglais, undoubtedly the most used place in Nice. Walk in the footsteps of Laetitia Masson’s “La Repentie” with Isabelle Adjani (2001), Georges Lautner’s “Cop ou rogue” with Jean-​Paul Belmond (1979), Louis Leterrier and Luc Besson’s “Le Transporteur” (2002) and of course Jacques Demy’s “La Baie des Anges” with Jeanne Moreau (1963), to mention just a few iconic posters.

Continuing the famous thoroughfare of Nice, there is talk of a chase in “Le Transporteur 4” by Louis Leterrier and Luc Besson (2015), which ends at Place Masséna. This symbolic promenade offers countless activities and on each side the Promenade du Paillon (2013).

For opera, it was chosen by Woody Allen as the setting for “Magic in the Moonlight” with Emma Stone and Colin Firth (2014). The office, which can be visited during the performance and on Monday after registration.

The flowery Cours Saleya attracts directors

798272 masquerade by nicolas bedos with pierre niney isabelle adjani and francois cluzet trailer 2
A scene from the movie “Masquerade”: Pierre Niney on the Cours Saleya

Cours Saleya and its famous flower market have also caught the attention of directors, from “La Main au Collet” by Alfred Hitchcock (1955) to “Sac de billes” by Christian Dugay (2017), who also make beauty in the prefecture. Palace.

Considered the Little Marais of Nice, the Place du Pin hosted Georges Lautner’s team, including Jean-​Paul Belmond and Sophie Marceau, for “Happy Easter” (1984). There are many friendly bars, restaurants and tea rooms where you can catch up with loved ones.

Among the last films “The Masquerade” and “The Liar”.

Nice movie Masquerade
Photo: Les Films du Kiosk/​Pathé

Finally, let’s mention the Château hill, especially its cemetery, where Jean Vigo installed his cameras for the silent documentary “About Nice”. This is a special place with monumental sculptures.

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Very recently, Nicolas Bedos and his impressive cast in the movie “Masquerade” (Pierre Niney, Isabelle Adjani, François Cluzet, Emmanuelle Devos….) made great use of the assets of our city. We noticed the presence of the reserve, Rauba-​Capeù, Cours Saleya and then the Château hill.

More recently, works such as Olivier Baroux’s “Liar” and Akaki Popkhadze’s “Brule le sang” have also captured images of the Riviera city.

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