Bitcoin: this Japanese company already sees itself as Asia’s MicroStrategy

Play as Saylor! It appears that the MicroStrategy boss has been imitated and that his frenzied hoarding of bitcoins has given ideas to other business leaders. We just learned that Metaplanet, a Japanese investment company, has decided to convert some of its cash into Bitcoin and is starting with an initial purchase of $6.5 million. The cryptosphere has been waiting a long time for major companies to make the same decision, and Metaplanet has done it, proudly announcing it on social media. Knowing that Hong Kong is on the verge of accepting Bitcoin Cash ETFs, it could be that there is more and more good news coming our way from Asia. !

1 billion. This is the amount A metaplanet only spent on buying bitcoins. So of course, these are yen, so it’s just a representation 6.5 million dollarsbut the figure is still strong symbolic for the Japanese public who just learned that a major company in the country spent this amount on cryptocurrency. The Tokyo-listed company, which has activities in real estate, investment and business consulting, has just announced on social media bitcoin as its main asset treasury :

“Today, we are happy to announce a revolutionary change in our financial strategy as we adopt Bitcoin as the company’s primary financial asset by injecting an initial ¥1 billion. This strategic key is not only about the adoption of digital assets, but also about paving the way for a future where finance meets the heart of innovation. »

Message from Metaplanet posted on social media – Source: account

This makes it one of the leaders in this sector in its country:

“Our transition to Bitcoin is an important step in our mission to lead the era of digital finance and positions Metaplanet as a pioneer in the adoption of digital assets in Japan. »

Message from Metaplanet posted on social media – Source: X account

The Japanese company is not going to stop there and wants more!

In an interview with national media, a representative of the company clarified that the idea convert cash to bitcoins it comes from a dual desire: first to benefit in the coming months and years from the (anticipated) rise in the price of Bitcoin, but also to limit exposure to the national currency. By purchasing bitcoins, the company wants to reduce the risks associated with the devaluation of the yen as well as the risks associated with the current high inflation.

A metaplanet it also suggests that this initial commitment is part of a broader strategy to take advantage the potential of bitcoin » and would like to thank the partners who made this transition possible, namely Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Capital Management, UTXO Management and Sora Ventures. Finally, please note that the price of Metaplanet jumped after this announcement 89.47% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Could it be that one day the world’s big companies will start adopting the same strategy and run after Bitcoin? Meanwhile, the Japanese from Metaplanet are still very, very far from Michael Saylor’s treasure and his 200,000+ bitcoins, but it’s still a very respectable start. The hunt for bitcoins is on!

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